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.04/08/17 Note

Hey, even contract bookkeepers can have a life. This is page is intended to list chess book recommendations. Stay tuned.

I expect I shall put the books into the categories below, but I'd like suggestions about other possible ways to categorize.

In selecting books from a particular category to review, read, and/or study in depth, I suggest a mixture of one's own opinion and common sense, teacher recommendations, recommendations from others, from books and articles. In the long run, you are the explorer through the vast forest of chess books, and must make your own difficult decisions. Or you could simply be one of the many thousands of chess players who do not study books, who skate like a waterbug across the surface of the internet. Well good luck with that. On the whole, chess players who study books end up with higher ratings.

I value some of the truly great chess books in the older style of notation, such as in the Dover Publications collection. I'll try not to have that preference influence these lists too much. But I sure do hope the older style of notation is not a barrier to some of the best chess books ever written, and not available in modern notation. The older style of notation takes, what, a half-hour to learn, and a few days to develop sufficient proficiency. Very much worth the small effort.

General, Basic, Introductory


Force, Tactics, Combinations

Mobility, Strategy, Pawn Structures

End Games

Games Collections, Especially Annotated Masters Games

Chess History, Biographies, Anecdotes

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