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About Me

References, testimonials and/or résumé on request. Briefly, I graduated from the University Of Oregon in 1975 in accounting with membership in the honors society. I have earned my living in accounting/bookkeeping, small business and programming ever since. My clients tend to like me and the quality of my work. I have extensive Quickbooks experience since 1998, both as W2 employee and as independent contractor for clients.

I do have extensive Peachtree and AccPac experience.

Initial Contact

Please contact me to discuss the services you need, and the problems you would like solved.
Initial visit is free.

Work Overview

I can help improve and maintain your valuable records, systems and procedures, the goal being to provide the essential information you need when you need it. Certainly, banks, government agencies and other third parties require good financial records. Beyond this, however, good financial records can provide a wide variety of valuable information to owners and management for all sorts of needs such as market development, customer relations, personnel and resource allocations, planning, decision-making.

Services include

I am reliable and provide, in a timely manner, high quality work that meets the client's needs and preferences as simply and conveniently as possible. I have good communication skills and work well with others. This includes a good sense of the line between in-house tasks and external tasks, such as CPA involvement for tax work, audit, special information filings, and GAAP decisions requiring specialized expertise or greater potential liability.

I prefer systems and procedures be as simple as possible while providing sufficient comprehensive and accurate information.

Quickbooks, either workstation or online, is a wonderful program, if it is set up correctly, customized to your organization, and then used properly! For those who intend to do most of the ongoing work themselves, I highly recommend setup be performed by someone such as myself experienced and competent in Quickbooks. I can then train and/or work with in-house personnel as appropriate, the goal being to make sure all necessary tasks are performed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Of course with some clients I do all bookkeeping and staff accounting tasks. Whatever most benefits the client, is the idea.


Portland Metro and Mid-Columbia Gorge.
I do some work outside these areas.
I do not bill travel time for any location within 25 minutes one-way moderate-traffic travel time from either office. I do bill at the lowest applicable hourly rate for travel time beyond this area.


The clients I prefer to work with include


Non-profits such as civic, arts, education, human services, environment and recreation organizations


Retail, service and manufacturing companies



Creative professional firms such as ad agencies, artists, architects, consultants, craftspeople, film and music production, engineers and other technical experts, photographers, public relations and marketing firms, electronic and print publishers, software developers, writers, smaller medical, mental health and dental


Individuals/families whose net-worth, real estate, and investments require best-practice financial records

Concerning non-profits in particular, I can contribute to improvements and best practices in areas such as


Tagging specific expenses including payroll costs to specific program and other areas, and also associating specific expenses to specific grants and other funding sources


Developing and maintaining accurate, comprehensive, audit-ready records and reports for internal management and for various third parties such as government agencies, and public and/or private funding sources


P&Ls by project area


Convenient and comprehensive tracking of unrestricted, temporarily restricted and permanently restricted revenues

Jerrold Richards

Portland: 503-238-8770
Mid-Columbia Gorge: 509-365-5573


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